STOKE2 7m (Demo)


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  • In new condition.
  • FLYSURFER Stoke2 7m that was used for Demo only one summer.
  • No Damage or Repair. Still crispy.

The STOKE is explosive, versatile and dynamic. This all-rounder offers sporty performance, reacting fast to rider inputs. The kite has an awesome bar feeling and is suited to enthusiasts shredding waves or stomping freestyle moves. Get stoked!


Do not waste time, forget about settings and just go out and have fun. This is what the STOKE is all about. Designed and tested by a young team of riders with different skill sets, this 3-strut LEI kite has a completely revised profile, a new Short Bridle System and a sturdy High-Load Force Frame. Its all about versatility.

With explosive jumps, huge unhooked pop, intuitive handling, dependable depower, and endless drift, the STOKE gives you power on demand and lets you make the most of every situation. A kite that feels like an extension of your body, constantly providing the feedback you need and reacting to your inputs even with minimal line tension. The STOKE is a pure powerhouse designed for everyone from real athletes who want to push the boundaries to the weekend warrior working on their style.

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