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Race Control Bar

The RACE Control Bar: smooth, functional, compact. It is a perfect balance between ergonomics and rigidity thanks to the highest quality materials and components. The fastest and most precise trimming ever, without compromising on durability. The cockpit of choice for winners.


A 3:1 redirected RACE adjuster allows for fine adjustment of the line ratio (length of front lines to steering lines). The Race adjuster is gradual, and the operation is smooth, requiring minimal effort.


The carbon-reinforced bar stick is particularly stiff. It is protected by a color-coded, abrasion-resistant EVA grip and is available in size [M]. The complete RACE Control Bar weighs in at …kg. The grip is excellent in cold or wet conditions and is very comfortable. The bar features integrated winders with no width adjustment option.

Total package includes:

1x RACE Control Bar
1x Quick Release 4.0 [S]
1x 12m Flying Line Set
1x 3m Extension Line Set
1x RACE Bar Bag
1x Short Safety Leash
1x Bar Safety Guide

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