La Ventana, Mexico

Just like home!

On my first trip to La Ventana, I didn’t get the vibe: the wind didn’t show up, the choppy water wasn’t great, the cold nights were brutal, and I didn’t fit in with all the beach bums. That was in December 2015. I stayed for a month (December) and I wasn’t lucky with the wind. I promised myself to go elsewhere next time.

Second trip in 2017

In January 2017, I gave it a second try as everyone home speaks very highly of La Ventana. That time, I went back with two friends and stayed at Baja Joe’s – the place to be to feel the vibe. I also managed to coordinate my trip with La Ventana Classic (see my results here), a competition organized to raise money for kids. To my surprise, La Ventana felt more welcoming, and I saw many kiters I had met on my year traveling around the globe. I had brought my foil board and was able to do a session every day. The wind was perfect!

LaVentana Classic, Competition

I went back for the third time to La Ventana in December 2017. Now, this place feels almost like home. The people, the area, the restos & bars, the wind, the vibe…every kiter from western Canada gives it a go during the winter. Expect to see people you know and always have friends for a margarita or two.

This year, I was staying with friends. It was convenient and great for a small group of people (six of us). Out of eight days, I had two days with no wind. Almost every day, we did a downwinder to Baja’s Joe for some freestyle practice and a beer at the bar.

On the plus side: The wind is good, and the spot is great to learn how to foil. The Mexican food after a kite session is welcome and there are always options to party at night. La Ventana is easy to access if coming from western Canada/USA; it’s safe and cheap.

If possible, make sure to attend La Ventana Classic. It’s a fun and friendly competition organized by the local schools. The level is quite high, and you will see some awesome freestyle and strapless surfboard skills. A highlight was the island crossing event. This was a fun event with an epic downwinder. (BLOG UPDATE: The event was canceled in 2020).

Strapless lovers will enjoy La Ventana soooo much! Plus, you will be able to practice with some awesome talents such as Layne Mullard who works at Elevation Kiteboarding and Mark Bavis, the owner of the kite school. On light wind days, make sure to watch local kite foilers such as Fred Hope, Adam Withington as well as Gabor Vagi.

The best time to go is from December to February. For beginners, make sure to book your lesson with Elevation Kiteboarding – don’t cheap out: get the sea-do.

On the minus side: It’s not Caribbean water: choppier than what I like and not as warm.  A wetsuit is highly recommended. Can be crowded. Some rocks/coral on some part of the beach. Bring a good sweater for the cold nights. On no-wind days, there are few options unless making a trip to La Pas to see the whale sharks, going to the hot springs, or just taking a rest after too many days of kiting!

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Stop of the HydroFoil Pro Tour (Update 2020)

In March 2020, I was lucky to witness the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in Mexico with the FLYSURFER Team. Here are some images.

LaVentana HydroFoil Pro Tour


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