FLYSURFER TRIP “ready to ride” Splitboard (Demo)



The TRIP is functional, versatile, and durable. The new era PU split-board construction provides the ultimate crossover performance. Featuring an asymmetrical outline and progressive concave to underline its playful feeling while ensuring excellent response and control. An unmatched package that saves you costs on the way to your dream destination!


The innovative 3-piece construction features a PU-connector to join the split-board seamlessly together. The unique S connection reduces the dangerous perpendicular stresses of heavy landings and allows a rail-to-rail aligned fastener pin. The flexible component protects the two halves of the board and allows homogeneous flex and a progressive concave. The PU-connector can be replaced and has a compact pack size.

This ‘Ready to Ride’ Package includes:
  • 1x TRIP Kiteboard
  • 1x SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. Screws)
  • 1x FIREFIN Set (incl. 50mm Fins, Screws, Mount)
  • 1x SQUAD Grab Handle (incl. Screws)
  • 1x SQUAD Accessory Bag
  • 1x TRIP Travel Bag
  • 1x TRIP Manual



137cm, 142cm

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