AppleTree Wing Foil Board 70L (Demo)


Demo AppleTree Wing foil board 70L for sale.   The board is like new, with no ding or damage, in excellent conditions. Branded with the FLYSURFER Logo.

This board is handmade in Portugal (a company from Holland). High quality, stable, and very light (Carbon construction). It’s a compact shape. It’s an amazing set up.


Appleslice Wing board (What AppleTree says about this board):

Light, responsive, compact, fast. That pretty much sums up the Appleslice Wing foil board!

The bottom of the Appleslice Wing features a 4 way “boat hull” in the front. This splits the water and makes it possible to accelerate quickly. The middle part has a 3 stage with a flatter part in the middle. This provides a quick planing surface, but it is small enough that it will not stick to the water’s surface when releasing and rising on the foil. Behind the foil box, there is an aggressive kick that further helps with release.

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