Maui, Hawaii

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Maui, Hawaii



Hawaii (Maui) was my very first destination for a kite specific trip. Kite Beach, on the west part of Kanaha Beach Park, is where I took some water lessons with one of the local schools there.  I was first surprised to learn about the 11 o’clock rule, which allows swimmers and fishermen to have exclusive access to the beach before 11am – kitesurfers aren’t allowed to enjoy the wind prior to that time.

Locals will claim that Kite Beach offers a variety of conditions for all kitesurfers. I must admit, I found Kite Beach pretty challenging for a first-timer as the learning spot is quite crowded with kiters prone to making mistakes! I experienced my first kitemares there.

Maui, is known for having some of the most consistent wind, from April to October. I was very unlucky to get only 3 days out of 10 days of good wind.

193287_10150105869603372_3843992_oUnfortunately, I didn’t have the wind I was expecting but I was very happy to have the time to visit the island. Maui has so much to offer: surfing, snorkeling, biking, volcano sightseeing, ukulele, food. There is something for everyone. I would go back in a heartbeat. I would check the forecast at the last minute before booking and going.  My suggestion is to explore those endless but very intimidating waves.

General information

Closest Airport: Kahului (#OGG)
Main kite spot: Kite Beach
Where to stay: Airbnb or VBRO in Paia
Rent a Car: Kimo’s Rent A Car OR Manaloha Rent A Car

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