Nitinat, Canada

Certified IKO Instructor Marie Eve Mayrand

A treasure on Vancouver Island

Located in Central Vancouver Island, Territory of the Ditidaht First Nation, Nitinat is a 23km long fjord (salted water). The thermal wind is very predictable: it picks up around 11am and dies around 5 or 6pm during summer time. Usually 20-30 knots every day, unless it is raining or there is rain in the forecast. I recommend asking the locals on how to read the forecast. What I love so much about it is the very steady wind!

This rustic kite spot is kept untouched by the locals and the kitesurfing community. There are no restaurants, no cell phone coverage and no internet access. Instead, you will find old giant trees, rustic camping, and fire pits. There is slow and expensive 30-min internet access at the gas station, offered by the first nations. Don’t rely on it as it doesn’t work most of the time. Basically, each kiting day ends up with drinks around a campfire with friends and music.

The windy season runs from May to August. The water is warm-ish, and a wetsuit is usually needed. I have used a 2mm shorty and a 5-4mm wetsuit there. 2017 was particularly cold, even during the day. If you find a camping spot close to the beach, it is colder and can make it hard to dry your wetsuit.


Strapless Prodigies

The island is home of the Ocean Rodeo head office. The owner’s son, Reece Myerscough, is a real strapless prodigy competing at the international level. Each summer, he spends time at Nitinat and brings the buzz of freestyle strapless riding. Mark Bavis, co-owner of Elevation Kiteboarding, is also a strapless freestyle magician. He is very spectacular with his own skim boards of his own design. Reece and Mark give an awesome show for the crowd.

How to get to Nitinat?

Well, this is where it gets a little bit tricky! It takes about 3h from Nanaimo, and 3.5h from Victoria by car. Bring spare tires for the logging roads. There are tons of potholes, and the path to get there isn’t well indicated. I suggest downloading a map or following Elevation Kiteboarding’s instructions. If you have a problem, don’t rely on a quick phone call (no internet or cell phone coverage).

Kitesurfing Nitinat

Camping and facilities

The campsite is managed by the First Nations. If you are lucky, you might be able to get a spot directly on the lake. The site offers picnic tables and fire pits. The camping fee is $18/night if you are on the lakeside. There are some fire bans during summer time – fines if you don’t observe them. Everything is cash only. The campsite has no disposal services, no running water or power.

There are no restaurants or real grocery stores except at the gas station where you will only find chips, Gatorade, cans of beans and non-healthy cereals. The two-hour trip to the closest grocery store on bumpy roads is a real pain.

Nitinat is awesome and the vibe is quite something there! I truly enjoy it even if the drive to get there is challenging. It is good to stay longer just to make the drive worth it. Go get some and visit the Canadian West Coast!


GPS Location: 48.805279, -124.679405
Kite Schools & Shops: Elevation Kiteboarding and Strong Kiteboarding
Forecasts: BigWave Dave
Food: Closest grocery store: Country Grocer Cowichan Lake
Download directions here.