The journey

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The Journey

Almost a year ago, I left the corporate world and reprioritized my life.

The adventure has been incredible! In less than a year, I visited parts of Greece, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Cuba, new cities in Western Canada, and Eastern/ Western USA. I also met a diverse group of individuals, from gypsies to world-class athletes, CEOs to van life lovers, doctors to life-long adventurers, cancer fighters to first-time mothers. They all had something in common: a desire for freedom and a passion for kitesurfing.

First kiteMy love for the sport started in 2007 when I bought my first kite. My desire to kite and to discover this amazing community has been growing ever since.

I started KiteSomewhere as I hope to help the kiting colony, increase people’s awareness about kiting-oriented travels, and bring more beginners onboard.

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