Summer 2017: My friend Philipp and I have decided to attend all kitesurfing events in Western Canada and in the US. The goal: one of us has to make the podium. Follow us here to check our results!

Bridge of the Gods/ July 21-23

Freestyle Women Amateur results:

  • 1st: Ellen Cheney
  • 2nd: Marie-Eve Mayrand
  • 3rd: Ashley Service


Kiteboard4Cancer/ July 14-16

Team results:

  • 1st: Team Gorge Greenery
  • 2nd: Team 2nd Wind
  • 3rd: Naish team (Phil’s team)

Women Individual results

  • 1st: Justi Vonada with 60 laps
  • 2nd: Carol Bolstad with 49 laps
  • 3rd: Sensi Graves with 46 laps
  • 4th: Marie-Eve Mayrand with 42 laps

KiteClash Squamish/ June 30 – July 2

Big Air results (Men)

  • 1st: Philipp Schonger
  • 2nd: Lewis Crathern
  • 3rd: Lucas Arsenault

Jetty Island Wind Olympics/ June 24-26


Photo credit to Dmitry Kraskovsky

FreeStyle Results (Ladies):

  • 1st: Marie-Eve Mayrand
  • 2nd: Katina Ewing
  • 3rd: Savannah Brehmer

Big Air Results (Ladies):

  • 1st: Katina Ewing
  • 2nd: Marie-Eve Mayrand
  • 3rd: Penny Laine

Header photo credit to Dmitry Kraskovsky