Marie-Eve Mayrand

Certified IKO Instructor Level 1
Marketing Professional | Founder of KiteSomewhere |Owner of Blooming Marketing | MBA.

Marie-Eve has been kitesurfing, snowkiting, and backcountry kiting for more than nine years now.

Competitions and results:
RedBull Ragnarok 2018
(Norway): 2nd place | Snowboard/Lady
RedBull Ragnarok 2016 (biggest snow-kite race held in Norway): 1st place | Snowboard/Lady
RedBull Ragnarok 2017 (Norway): 3rd place | Snowboard/Lady
RedBull KiteFarm 2015 (Canada): 4th Ladies overall |3rd snowboard
KiteClash 2018 (Canada): 3rd place Big Air Open International
Windfest 2018 (Canada): 3rd place Freestyle| 3rd place Big Air
Bride of the Gods 2017 (USA): 2nd Freestyle Amateur Category
2017 Kiteboard4Cancer (USA): 4th place with 42 laps, women category
2017 Jetty Island Wind Olympics  (USA):1st Freestyle Category | 2nd Big Air
2017 LaVentana Classic (Mexico): 3rd Freestyle Category | 2nd Island Crossing
2016 KiteClash (Squamish): 4th Big Air OPEN

Media Coverage:
The Kiteboarder Magazine (KiteClash 2018), Ozone Kites International Website (2018), Kiteword Magazine (RedBull Ragnarok 2018), The Kiteboarder Magazine (RedBull Ragnarok 2017), CBC Canada (RedBull Ragnarok 2016), Radio-Canada (French/ 2016), KiteSista (2016)/ KiteSista (2017), Ozone Kites International Website (2016), Red Deer Advocate, Ozone Newsletter (2016), Red Bull Norway (2017), The Kiteboarder Magazine (2017 LV Classic), IMPACT Magazine (2017).

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