August: Oh Canada!

kitesurfing Nitinat

August brings warm weather and great kiting across Canada. My favorite place in Western Canada is Nitinat on the Vancouver Island; you most likely will find me there at some point for an early morning foiling session. At the end of July, Nitinat will host their 2017 WindFest. An event not to be missed which is hosted by the local crew; you will see some spectacular strapless prodigies out there.


Eastern Canada has also some great spots such as the Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward Island. I have never been there but some of my friends will be spending some time at those two spots.

Enjoy the warm weather in our Canadian land, folks!

June: Cabarete

Kitesurfing Cabarete

I have never been to Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  I have heard great thing about the wind there. Even if it seems to be a crowded spot, this would be my pick for this June.

There will be some kite camps in June there. The first one is given by Youri Zoon and the other one later in the month is specific for ladies and is hosted by Susi Mai.  If you can stay there longer, there will be the World League Kiteboarding competition in mid-July.

If you are currently in the DR and come across a blond curly hair guy with a strange New-Zealand accent making weird jokes at the beach, it’s my friend Jimbo. Go say hi to him, he is quite a funny dude!

Sorry,  no Cabarete photos on this post…I will have to get there first to showcase some images.